Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Hang drums

Have just stumbled across these drums, created initially in 2000.

As a drummer myself, and often the butt of 'musicians' jokes it is great to find something rhythmic as well as carrying some sort of melody. I dont know if they have appeared in any form at Greenbelt yet, but would make a perfect insturment for meditation, or as part of an ambient chamber ensemble.

Getting hold of one may be a bit problematic though- check here

check them out at Hang Blog


Holy Famoley said...

Funny, this one, Stumpy. Never heard of hang drums, let alone heard them. But just a week or so ago, Jonny Baker referred to them. Apparently they used them in worship in the pre-Greenbelt service in Gloucester Cathedral. And now you! Seen some videos on youtube. It's got an amazing sound.

Stumpy said...

I have an interest in all things drumming and have a trawl through things occasionally. Came across it in a percussion review type site.
Thats interesting re Mr Bakers blog, I'll look it up. I'd love to get one, a hang drum, that is!