Friday, 12 September 2008

Greenbelt: Scotland

This second post about a scottish Greenbelt is prompted by a comment made here by Jealous Monk. Of Course Jealous Monk is absolutely right absolutely right, that this is only at the very earliest stages of discussion. I would hope that the organisers would take into account the difficulties that having another event tagged 'Greenbelt' or 'Greenbelt something' in any way. I mentioned the attempted split in the late 90's as an example of how things can go wrong, and also perhaps as an example that Greenbelter's embrace new ideas, they don't like change particularly much when it comes to the festival itself! Whilst I've always joked that it would be great to have more Greenbelt, I wouldn't want the spirit of GB to be endangered in any way by an associated event that isn't clear in its  function place and ethos within the 'GB world'
It still does leave the difficulty for our Northern Brethren re the lack of a bank holiday making GB difficult to attend in full. The discussion perhaps needs to take place, as the subject has already been mooted, but as hoped by Jealous Monk, that any discussion will not get out of hand and remain mature, sensible, a little impassioned maybe (after all, we all love Greenbelt!), but ultimately be for the good of the Festival and its world.


Holy Famoley said...

Don't know if you saw it but the tentative discussions were, in fact, reported in the Greenbelt dispatches email no 131 as follows :

Greenbelt Scotland

You might have missed the informal session at the Festival but we're investigating the possibility of a Scottish version of Greenbelt. Many Scots don't come to the Festival because there is no August Bank Holiday and they don't want to take their children out of school. There are no definite plans, but there was enough enthusiasm from the session to want to take a further look with anyone who might be interested in getting involved in supporting, planning, volunteering or even just attending a Greenbelt Scotland*.

You don't need to be Scottish — some at the initial meeting came from the north of England, it might also appeal to the Irish to come across the water. If you are interested and would like to be kept informed of any plans, send an email to so that we can keep in touch. Another meeting is planned in the Autumn somewhere in middle Scotland--we'll keep you posted.

* If something happens it won't be in 2009 and it won't be in August

So the organisers have, in fact, put the thing out there for public consumption. But they are not going to do anything without doing some kind of feasibility study.

Stumpy said...

Carole, thanks, seen this now! Certainly interesting times ahead.