Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Greenbelt: the, er, facilities

Prompted by reading discussion on other festival sites, specifically the V Festival forum (after attending for the first time, another story ) where there is a lot of dissatisfaction re the facilities, and also looking through my old GB pics from the 80's where I discover that I took a photo of a toilet block, probably because of the disbelief!

There is a nice blog entry in Betty's Blog here about the GB loos. Rather than do a history of them myself, (you know that they take up a large part of your thinking when you're there, especially when you wake up in the morning, or worse still at 4 am i the morning, and its raining, and you just have to go...), I thought I'd just post this, link, as it tells a nice story about returning to GB after 30 years to the most wonderfully sunny civilized GB!

There is also this from Dave Walker's cartoon blog


Holy Famoley said...

The thing I like about Greenbelt is it is a bit of a cheat really. You have all these portaloos, but I use them just for the first wee of the day. Then I use the real toilets in the buildings. I delight in seeking out the luxurious hidden loos (how sad am I?) But attendance to my bodily functions is a very funadamental part of my being. I don't think I could cope with the 1970s arrangement at all!

Stumpy said...

It does take a lot of planning! My friend who I've been to GB for the last few years walks into the village for the first visit of the day. As more and more people become aware of the secret nice indoor loos, I wonder how nice they will stay. It is a complete joy finding a new loo, as I did this year!
it does beat the wooden cubicles over a pit like in the 80's. Oh how we laughed!