Sunday, 21 September 2008


Following on a bit from the 'facilities' post, I have just been reviewing my summer and discovered that I have never exposed my body so much in public before. This has been due mostly to losing lots of weight and losing the embarrassment and shame of being really quite overweight. Firstly the facilities at the V festival in Chelmsford.;my gorgeous girlfriend and I were very pleased  to discover that there were free hot showers there. So first morning we get there early only to discover that they are communal, very open showers. We feel we cant just walk out, and bite the bullet and get in and get showered. the pull of being clean and dust/mud free for a while is too great. We even repeat the feat the next day. Its nice to be clean!

Secondly, we go to the beach at Sea Palling, in a very sunny and warm Norfolk, have a great time, and I have my first swim in the sea for years

Thirdly, we just have spent some time in the Thermae Bath Spa, which despite the controversy over the huge delays and overspends, must surely be worth it. We spent time in the baths, the steam rooms, and a very romantic time watching the sunset over the Bath skyline from the lovely rooftop pool.
I feel very liberated and positively normal!


Holy Famoley said...

Ooh, you're a braver man than me! I won't use communal changing rooms, never mind showers!

But well done on the weight loss (I am assuming it wasn't a health problem which brought about this happy situation, if I am wrong, forgive my joviality!) and congratulations on feeling good about yourself. Not many people seem to these days.

Stumpy said...

It was brave, i have to say! will be more prepared next time!
Thanks for the congratulations, it was just tie to do it. Feel SO much better.
There doesnt seem a lot of feeling good about oneself these days, does there. I think thats why its important to remember and reflect on every little victory we have in this regard. I've found they do all add up and make a BIG difference