Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Greenbelt Legends (3) Griff Pilchard

An absolute legend form the 80's! You couldn't miss Griff in those times, mohican, 'alternative' style clothes, guitar always in hand. he seemed to play everywhere, but always seemed to be at the Fringe (bring it back, now!). You could by his tapes from the back of a dodgy looking Ford Cortina in the car park (OK I made that bit up), and many people did. He had a song about a hammer he had, and he 'hit nails in with it' The hammer, not the song, but thinking about it...). It became the soundtrack to a couple of festivals for me and the youth group at the time.
He now has a band called 'the Net',  and still makes music as, er, idiosyncratic as ever. well worth watching if you stumble on him, but especially if you were there in his heyday of the 80's.

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