Monday, 22 September 2008

Bands I have been in 1: The Amber Raptors

I used to be in this band, except it used to be called 'The Passage', a name which I hated!
We played in a classic rock stylee, a mixture of covers well known and obscure and some rather spiffing original material. I notice on their website that they still play some of the songs for which i wrote lyrics to and had a hand in arranging. I played drums and sang lead and backing vocals. During my tenure in the band, there was a prediliction bordering on the obsessive for Judas Priest and Man, though my country and western/prog leanings didnt always go down so well. Nice memories of writing the chorus to 'Does the Memory Fade' in Wales and the serendipitous chugging ending to the same song when it was recorded in the studio. Also walking down a street in an obscure Forest of Dean Town and seeing a poster for one of our gigs in a shop window.

I left about 5 years ago, due to circumstances too awkward to go into here.
If they ever play in your vicinity, do go and give them a listen, they put on a good show and have a nice selection of crowd pleasers and natty new tunes.

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escapade101 said...

Do you know there's a Micky Jones Tribute CD being organised at the Manband Forum? Check you PM's there for details