Thursday, 11 September 2008

Greenbelt: a Scottish Greenbelt Festival?

Heard through Tractorgirl's site and via Holyfamoley that Greenbelt are discussing a new festival for Scotland the North and Ireland to compliment the Augsut Bank Holiday GB. I think this is good news, but am giving it a guarded welcome. There was an informal feedback session near the end of GB where the initial plans for this were discussed.

Apparently it wont be on the August bank holiday weekend, as there is no such equivalent holiday in Scotland or Ireland, and Potential Greenbelters from those areas are quite rightly loathe to take there kids out of school on the Monday and Tuesday of the Festival.

So we could be looking at a another Greenbelt in the summer (July? August?) to meet the growing need for this. I haev always said that I would love for there to be a Greenbelt in every summer month and now it appears there might be two at least. (whats the betting for an English, Scottish Irish and Welsh separate Greenbelts?!) I say that i guardedly welcome this.; I am reminded of the attempt to split the festival into two in the late 90's with the Freestate debacle. I would hope that the essence and ethos of the festival would not be diluted by this radical idea, though Greenbelt is a hub for radical Christian ideas!

Thinking positively, I would hope that the one festival is just a continuation of the other , and that there will be differences, but much that is the same, and the Greenbelt experience is just extended to another summer weekend. I wonder how speakers.performers and bands etc will be booked, and if they will be contracted to play both festivals, for example.

I would imagine that there will be a number of festival goers who will go to both festivals, I for one certainly would consider it. It wont be happening in 2009 apparently, as has been stated on the Greenbelt email. Might be a good time to become a Greenbelt Angel and be in on the news directly.

Might also make Kathy Gallowaywho led a talk at this years festival happy, in raising the profile of Scottish identity among Greenbelters!


JealousMonk said...


I think there's a danger that this thing is going to take arms and legs as the word gets out in blogland. It's important to realise that there has, so far, been ONE conversation about this, namely, the gathering of maybe 25 people at GB. A few ideas were banded about with the likelihood that if anything does happen then it may well, in the first instance, be a one day event - and it could be in the centre of a town! I think for some people there is an issue about getting to Greenbelt from Scotland (or the north of England, or Ireland for that matter) and for them the Scottish event may become an alternative to the main event. I think for many people, however, it is as much about having another point in the year when they can get together with fellow Greenbelters a bit closer to home and where networks can be developed and something of the spirit of Greenbelt can be enjoyed during the year between festivals. i for one will not support a 'Scottish Greenbelt' which is set up to be an alternative to THE Greenbelt.

Stumpy said...

Thanks Jealousmonk, I do agree with all that you said. I do think its important that Greenbelter's know about the discussion due to its interest. There is no intention here to create tension/hysteria/blog induced mania re the idea! i've made a second blog post in further reply. thanks once again for commenting, its just the type of discussion and debate that i like