Thursday, 28 August 2008

Greenbelt - Binky's

Binky's had its origin at last years Greenbelt when Jer and myself took a big gazebo for sitting in during rain etc. It also doubled up very nicely as a sort of after hours social club, to which everyone, especially Birchy cottoned on to quite quickly. all the usual shenanigans went on and plans were made to make it bigger and better for next year, especially by Tony Cook

2008- we arrive and Tony has been true to his word and brought a big marquee type tent which can be used for such a purpose. Birchy had been despatched to provide the signage warning prospective campers near us, that it wouldn't be the place to be if you valued your beauty sleep. Thus was Binky's born into full fruition.

A place of low culture and high Dudgeon, or the other way round, it became slightly infamous at this years GB.

It came to a bit of a windy end on the Saturday Night - a huge localised tornado, centred on Binky's, probably prayed for by the Price's caravanning in a part of the campsite far, far away literally lifted Binky's off the ground and over.
I managed to hold on to it to prevent it cannoning into nearby tents. I will always treasure the picture of Birchy, big bag of chocolate on his lap, glass of JD in his hand suddenly looking up and being very confused as to why he was now outside. Eventually Jer looked round as well, and I politely asked for some help as my arm was being ripped off by the attempted escape across the field by Binky's.
The next day, the remnants were turned into a washing line, proof perhaps of reincarnation in some small way, for those of you that believe in such matters.

I believe that Binky's will return next year in a bigger (!) more tied down guise. Watch this space.

2 comments: said...

That is a very funny story! wish I had seen it. So how does one join your club then? Cant believe I was sleeping somewhere and could have been joining you guys!

Stumpy said...

Dennis, I think its just a case of turning up and joing in. Look out for it next year!