Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Camping at Greenbelt

Its always the same, arrive on the Thursday, which myself and Jer have been allowed to do since we started working for Monster Music (more of which in an entry all of its own, later), and find the Sanctuary lot from Bath, or tell them where we are. Normally thats campsite 9, on the hill at the end of the Loooong road from the festival village.
We've seen a succession of tents, from a two person  to an ancient huge frame tent to the prototype Binky's stylee modern one that we have had for the last two years. It can actually fit in 22 people, as we found out almost by accident on the Saturday night. One of the joys of Greenbelt is meeting new people and socialising or, if you will, fellowship. This led to the creation of Binky's this year, a more fully realized version of the events held in Jer's gazebo last year. Binky's also will get its own entry.

Anyway, the tent gets put up, for which the wind picks up solely at this time and for when we take the tent down. Air beds are blown up, tables placed, seats and cooking equipment all ready for use. then its helping with others tents, or generally supervising a la Jon Birch (check out his work with Asbo jesus and Proost).

Sleep is almost optional at GB as there is always NOISE (especially in Binky's) and the fact that there is so much to do and see means that less and less time is spent in the tent, and other peoples tents in the manic round of socialising that GB can be.

Once the tent is up then GB begins- 5 days of general loveliness, seeing all sorts of planned and unplanned things. A great description of Greenbelt can be found here  on the very talented Steve Lawson's site.

To come;
Music at GB
Monster Music

and more!

NP   'Oh Death'  - Foreign Slippers

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