Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Greenbelt- bands that inspired me this year

Julie Lee - Will There Really Be a Morning?
Beth Rowley - Little Dreamer
Virgin Passages - Distance
Foreign Slippers - Oh Death
Steve Lawson - Lawson/Dodds/Wood trio album TBR October
Karen Grace - Find Me
Julie Mckee - What A  Woman Shouldnt Do
Miriam Jones - Sign and Semblance
Olivier Messiaen - Quartet for the End of Time
Andensum - Lucky Witness
Kashee Opeiah - Panic in Solitude
Nikko Fir - Walking Free
Esther Alexander - Last of The Hopeless Romantics
Ultravox - Vienna
Steve Lawson and Lobelia - Live EP

Lots of folky and female vocalists, balanced a bit by the Heavy metal (is that a term still used?) bands- lots of Metallica Maiden Opeth and Meshuggah in there. Oh and Ultravox was the CD to play at midnight on the Sunday. 
The Messiaen recital was a revelation, and also pointed to where the King Crimsons get some of their influence from.

Actually, this GB was a bit of a stormer for music and exploring new bands and artists, alongside the usual GB faves like Steve Lawson.

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