Saturday, 18 October 2008

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It's been a wild few days; time spent in Norfolk, a few days in London seeing Queen and Paul Rodgers and then James Blunt on consecutive nights at the O2 Arena with my lovely Girlfriend. then having a 2 day migraine as a reminder of the rich food and drink enjoyed during that time. I have to say I found the O2 to be a mixed bag experience- very, very corporate with prices to match, but the actual arena to be a great place to see bands, if you can let go of the whole feel of being inside a huge financial punter-reaping machine. Both bands were great, quite different in production and presentation, highlights including Roger Taylor doing a drum solo whilst his drum kit was built around him, and Mr Blunt suddenly jumping off stage and running to the middle of the arena where a piano arose from the crowd on a small stage.
We stayed in Docklands and had a mooch around there, looking at the Excel centre (there was a hairdressing conference happening whilst we were enjoying breakfast there), and then some time in Canary Wharf. Had my first rides on the Docklands Light Railway, and generally had  a great time.

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