Monday, 6 October 2008

Pedestrianism: An accidental Cult. Update

An eighteenth/nineteenth century pursuit of walking fast, with the most celebrated exponents walking 100 miles in 100 hours, some even to keeping to doing that distance by doing a quarter of a mile in a quarter of an hour! For 100 miles! It was the forerunner of the frankly ridiculous looking sport of speed walking that canbe seen in various athleic events these days.

Also Pedestrianism is a mysterious group win the states who's website is more to sell T shirts and paraphenalia and to state that 'Pedestrians' dont follow anyone, walking their own path, but look out for other pedestrians; presumably those who've bought the merchandise and wear it, in all walks of life. A kind of Freemasonry lite, except even more pointless.

Does give me ideas for my new cult of pedestrianism though....

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