Sunday, 27 July 2008

Mid season report

Always a bitter-sweet point in the season, now more games have been played than are left. It has been a good season, so far it could even be called a classic season. The tour was probably the best, certainly the best I have been on. Was it the fact that it was 'overseas'? yes probably, the Isle of Wight did provide a wonderful backdrop for the tour shenanigans.

The tour was classic for the mix of the squad who went, and the 'activities' that were got up to. room redecoration will always be a classic, the minibus rugby tackle, Kissifur being 'bottled' by Basha on the bus, Gez dumbfounded that the Friday night opposition knew his names and some of his misdemeanours, until he saw the wanted posters, the ambulance, the quality of the banter.

Since the tour, we have now lost 6 games in a row, and are wondering if we ever will win again. It doesn't really matter as usually the banter makes up for it, though games like the one last Thursday against MWT aren't the best- black clouds over a few players heads at probably the worst stella performance ever, even for us!

The forum has now settled down to the usual business; two or three new Stella members, charting actual stella connected events, an appearance by Gladys, and the usual background murmurings about Hampset and their relation with the Stella's. Team selection however goes on, more social events are in planning, and we are going to the dogs again!

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